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Strapping, lashing, securing drums on pallet

Futstop is certified under EUMOS 40509 to resist to 0.8g accelerations to comply with EN12195-1, reference for dangerous good lashing by ADR

The European regulation specifies:

 "Any means of securing the load to the pallet, e.g. lashing, shrink wrapping, etc... can be used as long as the load pallet is able to withstand a sideways tilt angle of at least 26° without any significant sign of distortion"

Stretch film is often use to link the drums together but is often not strong enough to resist to a 26° tilt angle and can not avoid the drums to slide off the pallet.

Strap is difficult and expensive to implement because you need at least 5 links for a 4 drum pallet, corner protections and long labor time for a random result as straps very easily slide along rounded shapes and get loose.

Futstop (Barrelstop) is a simple solution to strap, lash, secure drums or barrels on pallets:

  • Very quick and easy installation
  • Built in strap guides avoiding straps to slide around drums
  • Reusable camlock buckles allowing to reuse for drum shuttles or drum transfers
  • High resistance polywoven structure protecting drum top from dust and rain
  • Light weight for aircraft transports
  • An all in one integrated solution to comply with drum safety regulations for transport and handling

Futstop (barrelstop) is also the strapping lashing securing solution for coils, pails, barrels or any round shape product.

More info and online sale website:

Download this file (Futstop barrel lashing strapping on pallets.pdf)Drum securement lashing strapping[Download Futstop leaflet]771 kB


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